Sunday 5  March 2023,

Second Sunday of Lent Sunday of Lent 

Synod 2023: Communion, Participation, Mission. 

Sunday Gospel   The Transfiguration The surprising revelation of the Lord Jesus is that he is God. 

Jesus Christ is a living, divine person who has accepted a human nature and lived a real human life so that humanity might share in the life of God. 

Today’s Gospel tells the story of The Transfiguration. This great story celebrates the privileged moment when three of Christ’s disciples, Peter, James and John, glimpsed Christ’s divine glory. Jesus revealed himself to be ‘God’.  

The reality of all this is overwhelming, and as such we might be tempted to make it all less that what it is, to dull its impact.  

In trying to make Christ less than who he reveals himself to be, it is Christ himself that we lose, and in losing Christ, we lose the gifts he wants us to enjoy. 

Faith in Jesus Christ engenders a unique, particular way of life, and through this way of life, Christ acts to change us and to change the world. 

For this reason, what we believe about the Lord Jesus matters. The proclamation that Jesus Christ is God is not just a dogmatic statement or a religious proposition. The Church is identifying what the revelation of Jesus Christ really and truly is. The Church knows who the Lord Jesus is—not because of a scholarly consensus or a popular vote, but because she bears the legacy of the testimony of the Apostles, who knew Christ personally and learned from him who he is and what he asked us to do. 

If you do not know who the Lord Jesus is, how will you know what it is that he wants you to do?  The way of life engendered by Jesus Christ necessitates a personal encounter with him in his Church. 

God became human in Christ so that humanity could share in the life of God. This is the great mystery of the Transfiguration unveiled. This is what the Gospel is all about. (Fr. Steve Grunow, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

‘Lent is a journey of return to God’  Pope Francis has outlined in the past that Lent is a journey of return to God and is an opportunity to deepen our love for our brothers and sisters. 

“It is a time to reconsider the path we are taking,” he said, “to find the route that leads us home and to rediscover our profound relationship with God, on whom everything depends.” 

He urged Christians to evaluate the direction our lives are headed and how steadfastly we walk along our path toward God.  “The journey of Lent is an exodus from slavery to freedom,” he said. 

As we progress, we will feel tempted to return to our old habits and illusions. But we can rediscover our way by looking to the Word of God, no matter how many times we stumble. 

Pope Francis said the first step of Lent involves returning to the Father. We need to present our wounds to Him and say: ‘I am in your presence, with my sin, with my sorrows. You can set me free. Heal my heart’.” 

Sunday Masses Holy Spirit Vigil 5pm (Saturday), St Matthias’ 10am, St Teresa’s 12noon.  

Weekday Masses St Matthias’ Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am. St Teresa’s Friday, Saturday 10am.  

Stations of the Cross after Friday 10am Mass followed by Adorations at St Teresa’s. 

Lenten Boxes are available at the three Churches. 

Confessions  Before Saturday Vigil Mass and on request. 

To book a wedding or baptism, please contact the parish office (better to email). 

Recently Deceased  Mark Carson, Patricia Rafferty, Andrea McConville. 

Months Mind  Thomas (Tommy) Kavanagh, Brother Thomas Cough. 

Anniversaries  Deceased members of the Tracey family, Deceased members of the Bradley family, Veronica Murray, James Flynn, Sean Armstrong, Josephine, Owen & Sean Hughes, Lily Masterson. 

Weekly Offertory  £1,417. Thank you. 

PRO-LIFE RALLY - Be a voice for unborn babies at the Rally for Life in Belfast on Saturday 11th March 2023 gathering in Custom House Square at 2pm   A special Mass for Life will be offered in St Patrick’s Church, Donegall Street at 12.30pm. Buses to the Rally leaving from various locations. For further information please contact Precious Life on 07592280522 / 02890278484 / email 

Anam Cara Belfast, the organisation that supports bereaved parents, is holding its monthly Parent Evening for bereaved parents on Monday 13th March at 7:30pm in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belfast. This event is free and open to all bereaved parents regardless of the age your child died, the circumstances of their death, or whether their death was recent or not. We also offer an online meeting taking place Monday 20th February at 7pm. To join please contact us on 028 95213120.  

A Cook is required 4 Evenings: Monday to Thursday, 2 hours per evening (3pm – 5pm). The location is: Glen Rd BT11.  If you are interested, please phone 90203052. Leave your phone number and someone will contact you. 

Accord - Marriage Preparation Courses at St Mary’s Chapel Lane, Belfast. Detail of next available course dates, please check the website at  

Bethany Group  Contact number 0799 0381248 

St Vincent De Paul Helpline No.  0741 9326678 

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